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Hands on Love

She loves him, but will she reveal the bare truth?

Coulee Grantham's cheatin' husband convinced her she's frigid before he kills himself and his young mistress in a wreck. Despite the fact that men frequently come on to her, she believes it, until she meets visiting Texan Clay Miller at Rosie's Bar and Dance Hall one night. True, she's trying to drown her sorrows in a double gin and tonic--this would've been her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary--but she reacts to his first touch with an explosion of passion. Before long he's persuaded her into his bed for some heavy activity, but she never tells him where she lives or gives him her home phone number.

When he's called away by a family emergency, she concludes bitterly their affair was just a two-night stand and goes on with her life. But her long-time stalker attacks and Clay appears and comes to the rescue. Now she must decide whether to reveal her secrets and invite him to her home. But her friends do it for her, and she discovers he has some important secrets of his own, and they involve her and her family.

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