Words, words, words

In my years as an RWA member, I’ve attended many meetings, read how-to books, gone to a few conferences, studied the advice in handouts, newsletters, and our Romance Writers Reports. Currently all such advice urges writers to show, not tell, but even that can be boring if carried to excess.

After writing and self-publishing eight books, I smile; writers use words to tell the story, in whatever genre they produce. Even in creating a script for stage, screen or TV, we use the same tools: letters to make words. Some of my favorite multi-published romance authors use plenty of narrative to tell back story right at the start, and they don’t limit their chapters to a single view point or or abide by the “scene and sequel” rule”. Maybe their editors don’t advise them to.

I think this trend stems from several generations weaned as much on visual experiences as reading print. Each approach has its good points, but I grew up when auditory reception(otherwise known as radio) was all we had. I never even saw a film until I was eight years old, and television wasn’t widely available until the fifties. Now I’m too old to change completely.

If I want to see a movie, I go to a theater or find one I like on television or digital delivery. No matter how you cut it, a good story is told in words.